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Fantasy Blunder: My loss is your Gain !


splash_logo So my copy of FF XI came via UPS today and I was excited to open it and start the 3 hour 8 GB install. BUT…….. to my surprise the copy that was sent me wasn't for my beloved Xbox 360 , it was for the PC.

OK so now I have an issue.  Some people may have been like hey I’ll just keep this and play it on my PC. Well not me ! PC’s are for creating games not playing them in my book.

I immediately called the EB Games customer service number and got ready for the usual B.S. you have to put up with. After explaining that I ordered the 360 version the customer service rep was like “ok  we’ll send you a new copy right away”. I was like ok cool but what do I do about sending you back the game I have. The guy says “don't worry about it, it was our mistake you keep it.”

Well now I have the PC version of Final Fantasy XI  (with the first four expansion packs) that I’m never going to open or play. So what do I do with it. I’m thinking the first ever TEXT ADVENTURE GIVE AWAY ! Stay tuned to see how you can win.


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That sucks about the mistake but very cool that you can keep it! Give-a-way! Give-a-way! Give-a-way! lol

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