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My Resident Evil


I, like most other gamers out there, have really been enjoying the latest installment in the Resident Evil franchise.  Leading up to RE5's release I had got to thinking about the franchise as a whole and my participation with the series.  This post will be about my history in brief with Resident Evil and how I have thought of it throughout the years.


Resident Evil:  The game that started it all.  Sure there were 'horror' games before Resident Evil but for me this was the first one that really came alive and impacted me as a gamer and a fan of spooky stuff.  I remember the day my cousin 'COKTOE' (online alias) purchased the Playstation 'big box' version of RE (pictured left).residentevil  I also remember quite distinctly the games first big scare when the zombie-dogs pounces through the window and panic ensued.   I knew from that moment that this game was special.  As I never owned a PS1 I had to bide my time until the Sega Saturn version arrived.  Once I had my own version I was finally able to play the game fully and in my home.  I still own my Sega version and hope to bring it out again some day.  Recently I purchased Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, all I need now is my DSi and I am in buisness.


Resident Evil 2:  My favourite game in the series to date.  What I liked best is the urban environment of Racoon City and the chaos that ensued after the incident at the mansion.  for this game I took the unsual path of playing the N64 version.  While I no longer own the N64 version, I did make amends and buy the Dreamcast port of the game which I still own today.


Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis:  The game in the core series of games that I have played the least.  I did pick up the DC port like RE2 but have never got around to completing the game, in fact I only played it for an hour.  I reallly regret my lack of play of this one as like with RE2, I love that urban-Racoon City environment.  Perhaps the next time I pull out my DC I will give this game another shot.


Resident Evil - Code Veronica:  The once Dreamcast exclusive gem that was a feather in the cap of Dreamcast owners eventually saw ports accoss other consoles with longer legs.  The first 'next-gen' Resident Evil game wowwed me with its awesome graphics and cut-scenes...but I still only got half way through the game.  I picked up the PS2 'X' version yesterday.  As my PS2 is hooked up at present I am interested in taking Code: Veronica for a spin once again!

re4Resident Evil 4:   I was really late to the party on this one.  This winter I picked up a PS2 to catch up on some titles I missed from the last generation, Resident Evil 4 being first on my list.  I am over 10 hours into the game and besides the shoddy acting, I am really digging it.  In the end it was a recent session of RE4 that sold me to get RE5. 

And the Rest:  At the time of his writing I am hip deep in RE5, and at this point I am looking forward to finishing just so I could start all over again.  Before RE5 I could easily find the Outbreak RE games, but since everyone is RE hyped now, they are gone.  The Gun Survivor series I could care less about...but the Wii shooters look pretty tight!

So what does the future hold?  Resident Evil is hot on the current-gen systems and is looking to attack the Wii in short order, expeanding on their curent offerings.  The recent animated movie, Degeneration, just added more flavor to the canon as well as an all new avenue for the franchise.  All I know is I am interested in seeing what will be next.



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Glad you're enjoying RE5! It's neat to see where the series has come from and the direction it's headed in.

Nice summary of the series. RE2 is still one of my all time favourite games although I played it on the Playstation. It's actually the only other one I've played beyond RE5 which I'm almost done. I do have a Gamecube copy of RE4 which I'm going to start playing soon.

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