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Legends of Wrestlemania: Demo Impressions


good I have smelt what THQ and Yukes have been cooking, and I like it!  It has been many a year since I have been really taken by a wrestling game.  Coming of age in the 1980's I was huge fan of the WWF brand of wrestling.  This for me was the golden age of wrestling gaming, playing such great games a Championship Wrestling and Bop n' Wrestle on my Commodore 64, The Main Event  and WWF Superstars in the Arcade.  Though my love affair with wrestling continued into the early part of the decade before Vince McMahon's spell wore off, I was never able to get into the bevy off wrestling games that came along year after year.  It is 2009, and finally for me, wrestling games are back!

At the end of the day , wrestling games are a lower class of fighters, so where Legends lacks in technique, it makes up for in presentation.  One of my great disappointments with previous games was accessibility and the ability to pull off the 'cool moves'.  What I like about this game is how it allows you to make the great moves by stringing together chains with Quick Time Events.  The ability to relive great moments from Wrestlemania's past is exciting for me being an old-school fan.  I wish the graphical style would represent the actual look of the wrestlers in their prime rather that the glistening man-gods they appear to be.  This was hammered home for me when I saw the graphics for the Iron Sheik.  He looked more like an underwear model then a wrestler.

So this game might be a purchase for myself.  Just having the ability to relive some of the great wrestling moments from my youth could justify the purchase alone.



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RuFfNeCk dug the demo for this game too!

I thought the game looked great and I agree that it'll be fun to play old matches again, but I'm not totally sold on the controls or gameplay. I think I like Smackdown better.

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