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Yakuza 2: Play or eBay?


In my previous post I wrote about my recent purchase of a PS2 and the backlog of excellent titles that I picked up for it.  This weekend I spied a rare copy of Yakuza 2 on a store shelf of a nearby game store.  As I have heard a lot of positive comments about the quality of this game, that and it being a spiritual successor of sorts to the Shenmue franchise (a personal favourite of mine), I decided to pick it up and add it to my PS2 collection of games.

Or did I?  The one thing about picking up a rare or hard to find game is that they often have the ability to pull in some nice coin, especially when they remain factory sealed. I had a quick look on eBay and noticed that 'Buy it Now's for Yakuza 2 could fetch double the price that I paid for it.  So with the pile of games I still have to play, would I miss this game?  I could turn around and buy possibly another great game with the proceeds from that sale.  It makes one think.

At the end of the day I more enjoy owning and playing the rare game rather than  profiting from a quick sale (plus I am eBay lazy).  If anyone out there as played the game I would love to hear about it.  While I likely won't play it anytime soon, I think it would be one of those 'rainy day need a fresh game' games. I am interested to see how the Japanese mafia lives.

Yakuza 2


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Definitely keep it. After only scratching the surface of the Yakuza franchise, I'm currently playing through the original, and part two is ready to go as soon as I've finished.

It really is wonderful stuff, and as you're a Shenmue fan, there's lots to like about Yakuza - batting cages, Blackjack, toy machines, fine whiskies and hostess bars!

Thanks for the comment and advice KM! Me thinks it will be a keeper.

Never played the first one, so I might rent this one but I doubt I'll buy it. I have to be very picky with how I spend my gaming dollars these days. lol

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