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BackLOG: PS2

Over the Christmas break of '08, I had a hankerin' for Resident Evil 4.  I had never played the game, and as at that time I was planing on playing Resident Evil 5 in short order, I thought it would be a good idea to play RE4 in advance of that. 

It seems kind of silly to buy a console for just one game, so I have kept my eyes open for a couple of classic titles to purchase so that I could play them at a later date.  So in this first edition of the BackLOG (clever play on the words Backlog and Blog) I thought I would rundown my PS2 purchase plan of the last few months:

re4Resident Evil 4:  The game that started me down this mad quest.  I have managed to get several hours in and actually found the game to be very enjoyable, even in spite of its tank-like controlls and its awefull in-game story and diolougue.  Hopefully I can find the time to see this game through to its completion someday.



Sotc_boxartShadow of the Colossus:  Though I have never been one to follow Sony's games or franchises, I have always had a really strong interest in this title.  Something about its mysteriousness, its uniqueness, and huge fricken' monsters!  I was able to pick this game up on the cheap and have dabbled in it just a little thus far.



bgaeBeyond Good and Evil:  Again, another inexpensive pick up of a classic title.  I had owned this game previously on the Xbox (and also I have picked it up once again on said title), but since I now have a PS2, I might as well have it for it as well.  Again another classic title that demands an appropriate amount of love, also a play through in advance of its upcomming sequal.


So, three classic games and a used PS2, memory card, component cable, all for about $120!  Try and beat that.  If you have any other excellent and inexpensive suggestions for PS2 games I would like to hear them.


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Won $800 last night !

I also recommend ICO

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