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Who You Gonna Call?


If I have to think back to one of my favorite movies of my youth Ghostbusters definitely comes to mind. This one goes down as a classic with likes of Back to the Future and The Goonies. Fast forward way to many years later and we are now going to be graced with hopefully a proper video game version of the Ghost “Busting” Heroes.

You now can join the Ghostbusting team as the new kid on the block known as the Rook (Rookie). The best part of this continuing story is the the voice talent from the original movies are all in on the game. Join the likes of Bill Murray , and Dan Akroyd and now Alyssa Milano in the new story, and don't forget everyone's favorite green glob ,Slimer.

So now that you get to be apart of this elite group what could be better ? I guess playing some co-op with a buddy online right ? Well here are some slight details on the the co-op and multiplayer modes of the game.

Oddly, Atari gave me a handout detailing the ins and outs of multiplayer in Ghostbusters, but Atari didn't demo any multiplayer modes. I'm glad to have the info -- which I'm about to pass on to you -- but it seemed like an awkward way to introduce something Terminal Reality has never really said all that much about. Still, there are going to be two co-op modes for Ghostbusters: The Video Game. Instant Action allows players to just jump in and start busting ghosts where Campaign Mode will set you up in one of the four multiplayer environments -- library, streets, cemetery, and museum -- and have you bust ghosts to earn money for equipment upgrades.

What's interesting about these modes is that they provide you with the opportunity to play as both the single-player star known only as the rookie and the four original Ghostbusters. Also cool -- or at least sounds like it could be cool -- are the six possible job types you'll face in a multiplayer game. Survival pits you against a "paranormal onslaught;" Containment is all about capturing every single ghost out there; Destruction charges you with destroying a bunch of ghost-spawning artifacts; you'll need to protect Egon's devices in Protection; Thief wants you to stop ghosts from stealing artifacts and Slime Dunk asks you to "dunk the most slimers," which I'm assuming means slamming them into the ghost traps. Helping you tackle these jobs are six power-ups such as the Ghost Shrinker and Ethereal Shield

Sounds like you wont have to be afraid of no ghost while bringing a friend along to get the job done. Ghostbusters is set to release June 16th , “Who you gonna call” ?


Ghostbusters: The Video Game


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Looking forward to this one! I am gonna cal EB and reserve! ;)

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