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Life is Just a Fantasy

944605_99075_front So the other day I was home surfin the net and got caught up in yet another impulse online purchase. For the past year SUPERGHOST has been thinking about picking up Final Fantasy XI and always asked me to get in on it. I was always like no way dude not me. Well guess what ? Yeah that’s what I picked up, FF XI. Its was $ 15 on EBgames.com.

The game includes ……

  • FREE 30 day subscription to play FINAL FANATASY XI
  • RISE OF THE ZILART expansion pack
  • CHAINS OF PROMATHIA expansion pack
  • TREASURES OF AHT URHGAN expansion pack
  • WINGS OF THE GODDESS brand-new expansion pack
  • Not a bad deal right ? So whether or not I’ll actually play this game is still up in the air. I need partner in crime to play the game with and I think that boat already sailed with SUPERGHOST, but I do have a back up partner in mind. I've always wanted to give an MMO a try and with a 30 day free trial for a game that cost 15 bucks seemed like the way to go.

    If anyone has played this or is interested in giving a shot let me know. We could run around together doing whatever it is you do in MMO’s.

    Final Fantasy XI


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    MMOs scare me! lol I don't have the attention span for them, I need to be directed at all times. :P

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