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Wow I'm totally blown away by Borderlands. Here's a game I've been watching for a while now and wasn't sure what to expect. Yeah I knew that Id bee getting a cell shaded wasteland featuring coop play , but the game had some stiff competition it that category with Halo ODST being released a few weeks prior to it.

As far as I'm concerned this game blows Halo ODST away in the coop department. Not that ODST was a bad game it just wasn't meant to be a coop game in my opinion, Borderlands was built from the ground up for coop and it shows. It also lends its self at being a great single player game to.

The game is all about picking up loot. From weapons (tons of them) and shields, to boat loads of cash and rare items. This game does for me what I wish Too Human could have done and that's get me addicted to it. Borderlands also succeeds at being a great FPS and RPG all at the same time, a formula that doesn't always turn out to well. I guess there's something about the wasteland setting that makes these two genres work great together…think Fallout 3.

So why should you buy a copy of Borderlands

  1. Its a First person Shooter
  2. Its also an RPG
  3. 4 player online coop !
  4. Addictive as hell
  5. And a Gagillion Weapons !


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Be your own Lego developer !

Lego fanboy I may seem like but not really. Thing is  have 2 boys who love Lego's and love the video games even more.  Enter Lego Indiana Jones 2. The Lego games have always been great fun but one huge thing was missing from the games until now and that was a level creator. Checkout the video below and see what Indies new game has to offer. Now all they need to do is release a stand alone Lego creator game.


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Introducing Lego: Left 4 Dead ! Not Really ….



First lets thank whom ever it is that you pray to that there is no true a Lego:Left 4 Dead game because that would just be plain old silly. What's not silly is checking of pictures of your favorite game turned in Lego's. At Saber-Scorpion’s Lair.com You can check out many more games turned into Lego's such Mass Effect, Half Life, Assassins Creed and many more …..