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SNK vs Capcom: The Match of the Millennium

MotMRecently I had the privilege of briefly owning Street Fighter IV on my Xbox 360.  While I found it to be a most excellent product I just did not have the time that I would need to devote to it to make it worth my while.  But with my brief re-encounter with Street Fighter fever I decided to dig back into my personal archives and play one of Capcom's, and their 2D fighting game rival, SNK's finest fan-service titles SNK vs Capcom: The Match of the Millennium on my Neo Geo Pocket Colour.

A little background on the of you out there who were gaming in 1999 probably missed the Neo Geo Pocket Colour all together.  It did not last on the store shelves long before SNK recalled the units, it simply was no match for the power of Nintendo and its GameBoy.  While its library was fairly limited it was famous for its collection of 2D fighters and its ability to link with ngpcSega's Dreamcast console.  The greatest of the 2D fighters would be the above mentioned Match of the Millennium.

Not only did this game pit some of Capcom's greatest fighter against SNK's counterparts, but also it had a variety of mini games grouped together in what was called the Olympic mode.  In the Olympic mode we got more fan service from such venerable gaming franchises as Ghost n' Goblins and Metal Slug!

But back to the fighting.  After warming up with Street Fighter 4 I felt right at home in this game.  I took Ryu and was immediately Danable to pull off his power and ultra moves and quickly cruise through his story mode thanks to my SF4 experience.  The Neo Geo Pocket Colour's control stick was one of the finest ever made on a handheld and works perfect for fighting games.  Though the lack of a backlight and 2 face buttons kind of limit the handheld, it still is a neat little package.

Part of the Text Adventure experience is to write about the games and consoles of yesteryear so that we can share our experiences with you.  The NGPC was a system few played and even fewer own.  While it serves me as my alarm clock everyday, once in a blue moon I will take it for a game spin.  NGPC, we hardly knew ye!

SNK vs. Capcom: The Match of the Millennium


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I still say you bailed out on SF 4 way to early.

I say I got out at the right time. Hello RE5, HAWX, Halo Wars. Goodbye no online lobby for all my buds.

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