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Still Racist ?



When the Resident Evil 5 trailer first debuted it caused a bit of racial tension. It seems that people were not happy that “Black” people were these evil zombies and portrayed as the “bad guy”. Never mind that the game was set in a fictional country in Africa where a terrible virus was being spread by some evil minds.

If you ask me right now if I think the game is racist Ill say NO ! Last night I was listening to the Listen.up podcast and after talking about the the RE 5 game they brought up the whole racial issue to debate. Now myself being a middle class white American of Italian decent not once was I ever upset that in RE 1-3  that mostly white people seemed to be evil zombies. Nor was I ever upset in RE 4 that European zombies  were the target of many of Leon's bullets. I don't remember Europe getting to upset over it either.

The participants in the podcast really dug to deep into the whole thing in my opinion. They really looked for anything to put some sort racial label on the game, even if they didn't believe that the games as whole was 100% “racist”.

I could go on forever as to why I don't believe that game is racist, but then I would just bore you I’m sure. I’ll say this ….. I can see how this game might offended a very small portion of people in the world, but I'm usually in favor of the term “the majority rules”. I live in New York, a place that is mixed with many people and cultures probably more then anywhere else in the world. I've seen it all when it comes to racism.

This post is 100% the opinions of myself Aaron Ferguson aka TormentX and should not reflect upon my fellow contributors to this blog. Thank You.


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I love the inclusion of the 'Borat' and 'Miamoto' looking Zombies. Also the redneck couple near the start was a nice touch.

By the way, Giant Bombcast...they rule! Listen up 'Listen Up', you guys need Shane back (I can't believe I just wrote that), without him you are directionless.

I think most of it stems from the first trailer that was released and the way it was cut, and to be honest the trailer did in some ways seem to portray the wrong thing. The baggage associated with the area is still for the most part not that old so it can still have an emotional impact for people, so comparing it to killing white zombies in earlier RE's is different I think.

I beg to differ Schuey

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