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img_000810 Its hard these  days to get by without using some sort of  techno gadget.  It doesn't matter if your using a GPS to get some place, a MP3 player for music or cell phone or digital camera to snap a shot of life's most precious moments.

Most everyone has some sort of little gadget that they carry with them most of the time. Myself it happens to be my iTouch. I love taking it to the gym for music, sitting back for some ten minuet gaming sessions and falling asleep with it while listening to podcasts.

Lately though I've found another use for my iTouch. As I'm sure most of you know the iPhone and iTouch have an incredible amount of apps to choose from. Well over the last 6 months I've taken a turn for the better when it comes to my health and have been using the Weight Watchers program to shed some pounds.

Well I found a great app for only $0.99 that lets me track my food all day and log my points as well ! Its called iWatchr. It also has the wonderful points calculator built in which lets me find out the point value of food while on the go or even if I'm out food shopping so that I can make a smarter choice when buying food.

You see it doesn't have to be all fun and games with today's latest technology. It can be about being a better you as well.


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Cool App! Definatley something I could use daily. Wonder if there will be a DSi Ware counterpart?

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