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Who's in control now ?

resident-evil-5-01 Well after a weekend away from gaming it was nice to come home and hop right into Afro Samurai and Resident Evil 5. I really wanna touch on Resident Evil 5 though. One thing this game has been getting as of late is a lot negative response about its “out dated controls”.

You know nobody bitched when when RE4 came out. In fact it was praised for its new and improved controls and leaving behind the old 2-D pre-rendered control scheme. I do believe that first and foremost that gameplay should be the most important thing about a game. Without it even the greatest story would just be and awful chore to play through.

This brings me to the rant most people have with the RE5 control scheme. “You cant move and shoot” Yeah that kinda sucks, but does it ruin a game that has played on that one aspect of the controls since the beginning ? No it doesn't or at the very least shouldn't.


I hopped into the game last night after only having time with the demo and I was very pleased with the everything from the graphics to the controls. Do I wish I could move and shoot at the same time ? Yes I do, but by no means does this take anything away from the game.

Heck it reminds that I am playing RE game. I say reminds me because If I had a complaint about the game after putting about 3 hours into it, it would have to be that the fright factor seems to be gone from the series. Yeah the creepy zombies and the grotesque looking creatures of virus gone bad are still all in the game,but so far that seems to be about it. I will admit thought the first time I ran into the dogs I jumped, just a bit. You remember the good old dogs don't you ?

So RE 5 is what it is and that's a darn good game with fine gameplay. The controls maybe dated, but by all means they do nothing to take away from the game at all. I think if your not playing this game because you have an issue with the controls then your just foolish and you’ll be the one missing out. RE 6 …… Now that's when I will be looking forward to the new move and shoot control scheme !


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I agree with you on this one 100% buddy...except with the scare factor. Everybody can remember the jumps of the dogs back in RE, but beyond that did we really get scares from this series? I am playing through RE4 and find it the same, light on scares, but thick with atmosphere. Back when RE first came out it was perhaps the first time that technology could represent something that actually could make up jump...and it did. Fool me once though...

I think the controls are what make Resident Evil Resident Evil, yes? I know they updated some stuff for RE4 which everyone loved so why do they need to change it for RE5? Bah!

I think it's because of Dead Space that people have problems with the controls. It uses the same shoot and aim system more or less but at least allows you to walk while shooting. I'd at least like to be able to reload while on the move. But as Ms. Candee says, it is what makes the game what it is.

At least we can move the camera around unlike the original games with their at times horrible camera angles. lol

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