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Battlestar Galactica : The Frakkin End




Battlestar Galactica is the greatest show to ever grace a television set. If you disagree then that means you haven't seen the show and are probably  still watching reruns of The Sopranos. Tonight on the Sci-Fi channel the long awaited last episode airs.

I truly love this show and all its drama. It goes beyond sci-fi. It touches on religion, good and evil and what's right or wrong. These are all things we face in our everyday lives and its no different for the folks aboard the Galactica.

Many questions will be answered tonight (I hope). Is being human all that its cracked up to be ? Are the Cylons religious beliefs in just one God correct ? Will the humans find peace with the Cylons and be able to live together or will they just wipe each other out ? And finally what's the deal with Starbuck. Is she the harbinger of death on humanity ?

Tonight's 2 hour season finale should hold all the answers. “So Say We All” !


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I'm still in denial that the show is ending tonight therefore, I have no idea what you're talking about. So say I all! :P

That being said, don't leave me BSG! No! No! No!

Anyone who has brushed this show off as a "scifi" show is nuts. The environment (space) has nothing to do with the show in my opinion. The drama, humor and all out kick-buttedness trumps every other drama out there.

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