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Oh What Fun It Is !


1186633728_aa45024128a0760634954010__aa280__l I was over my buddy Ed’s (Rican Havoc) house today and had a chance to revisit one of the Playstations best racers Sled Storm.  You either remember this game or don't. It was one of those games that did well critically as opposed to selling off the charts.

Normally I couldn't see myself going back a generation in hardware to play a game and have a good time, but to go back two generation and find myself having a blast was just amazing !

This game still hold up after all these years. Honestly I though I was playing PS2 game just because I was playing it on a PS2 and forgot that it was older then I thought.

The games controls were just as tight as I remembered and the sense of speed for a game that old was just incredible. And like I said I though I was playing a PS2 game so it still looked pretty damn sweet.

Its just to bad that the sequel wasn't as good. It was put under the “EA BIG” brand and was basically turned into a cheesy SSX rip-off which didn't do the game any justice at all. I highly recommend this game to anyone who can find it that still owns a PS1 or PS2. It was a great trip down memory lane that almost brought a tear to my eye. Oh did I mention that I played Halo 3 multiplayer as well today and enjoyed the living hell out it …A LOT !


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That is a blast from the past. lol I loved that game too. I still break out the N64 from time to time too and that's even farther back. Still lots of good games from back then.

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