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Playstation Two Déjà Vu


No I didn’t put a gun to my head to try and prevent myself from buying a Playstation 2 again (I apologize for the poor taste :P). Before becoming a so called Xbot, I used to be part of the Sony Defence Force. I had a pretty good collection, but I shed the system and the games to go towards Xbox hardware and games.

I have been waiting for a PS3 price drop, but with none in sight the announcement of a PS2 price drop, Sony pushed me to there older system, which in my opinion and many others in not the Sony console that needed it. My fellow Text Adventurer Superghost recent purchase of a PS2 also made me think more of picking up the console again.


Some of my favorite franchises are from the PS2 days, such as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid, plus there are several titles I have been interested in that I haven’t had the chance to play since moving to the Xbox.

So along with getting the slim, silver PS2, I also picked up Final Fantasy XII, Shadow of the Colossus, Persona 3:FES, Persona 4, God of War, Yakuza 2 and most recently the Metal Gear Solid Essentials.

I haven’t touched many of these games yet, just a bit of God of War and a lot a bit of Persona 3. In a short amount of time I have already accumulated 20+ hours in Persona 3. The social aspects of the game, which I find engaging, but certainly are not for everyone, help to break the more hard-core dungeon crawling. The dungeon crawling is a bit repetitive, but the combat is quick and you can see the enemies on the screen so you can attempt to avoid them.

After tackling Persona 3 I’ll probably move to the MGS titles, which now that I think about I’m going to need a PS1 memory card to play the first Metal Gear Solid :(.

- Schu

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You got some great games so if you had to re-buy a PS2, you made the right game choices. :P

Better then wasting cash on a PS3....I know.

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