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Heading Back


8221 As I’m sure you may have noticed my other fellow adventurers have been taking a trip down memory lane lately by purchasing PS2’s. This is also kind of mind boggling  for me considering that they both always felt like they had more than enough games to play on one console.

Now enter my own need to head back to some gaming of the past. While I wouldn't mind picking a PS2 now that its just 99 bucks, I just know that I wouldn't put to much good use. But wait there's more !

After completing the Resident Evil 5 campaign I’m getting the itch for some more zombie hunting action. Now you see I've played my fair share of R.E. games, but have only completed games 4 and 5 in the series.

So I have this Wii thing that also plays Game Cube games. I knew it was good for something. I figure I have the console now I can go back and try and beat the R.E. game of the past that have gotten the best of me over the years. Now of course I’ll have to buy the Wii dual stick controller and scrape up a Game Cube memory card, but hey I’ve got the Wii already ….might as well put it to good use.


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Cost of a Wii (system $280, component cables $40, nunchuck and gamecube controllers $40, eBay RE games $???), not a cheap proposition to play old skool games. Had I had it though, I would definatly have considered it, and I did when I was figuring out how I could play RE4 (actually had a Wii in my hand post X-mas). PS2 was cheap ($80 used) and has some games I have always wanted to try, all of which are dirt cheap as well. Yeah I have 'too many games', but there are times when I just want more, I know you appreciate that sentiment. ;)

Don't forget about RE0.

Have a Wii $0.00, dont need component cables $0.00, RE game and GC memory card in stock on EB Games site for $19.99 each. ToremntX gets over again............ And believe me I would never EVVVER recommend a Wii to anyone for any kinda gaming reason what so ever ! Now would you kindly go buy another PS2 game.

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