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Welcome to 'Text Adventure'!

Welcome to the newest, hottest, boldest, bawdiest gaming blog to come out this day!

I started Text Adventure so that myself (SUPERGHOST) and my fellow gamers/bloggers TormentX and Schuey F1 could have a venue to not just write about the Xbox 360 (our favorite gaming console), but so we could explore other consoles, handhelds, iPods and Zunes, board games, retro games, or whatever has our attention at that moment. I am very excited for this project and I hope you will enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing. So without further delay, lets get started on our Adventure!

EDIT: Pictured above is the Commodore 64 controller, the Epyx 500XJ! It was my weapon of choice back in the day, plus it looks remarkably like the Nintendo Wii's nunchuk don't it?


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Its on !

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