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Street Fighter IV …..and its Tools


Yesterday I decided to go out and pick up Street Fighter IV. I've never been a huge fan of the series but with all the hype over the new game along with its beautiful new art style it made hard for me to resist. I do like the game, but found it to bee a bit of a challenge being a noob to the series. I tend to be more of a 3D fighter fan and find them to be easier to play.

Now a week before the game was released I purchased the Chun-Li version of the new Mad Catz line of SF IV fighting pads just because I'm an accessory whore and it looked simply stunning. With the game now in hand it only made sense to open the controller and test out it out on the game it was made for. For a Mad Catz product its not bad at all. I find the D-pad and the button lay out to be perfect, but after a while it was feeling stiff and was kind of doing a number on my thumb.

410l7kRmUzL__SS500_ So I looked over on my shelf and said hey lets try out the good old Dead or Alive 4 arcade fighting stick I have. Makes sense right ….. of course it does. So I busted out this bad boy and found that this is the way to play Street Fight. Now I don't feel it made me a better player at all but it definitely felt better to use over all. After all the trial and error I gave the standard Xbox 360 wireless remote a shot and for all the flak it takes for having a bad D-pad I must say it wasn't all that bad. Its way better though using the fighting stick or Mad Catz pad just for the button layout. As for the game itself I find to be really difficult to play and trying to pull off these crazy 3/4 circle -> –> k+p combos are a pain. I did find some time to get online with SUPERGHOST for a few fights and had a good time. For now its all about practice and ..uh ..um choosing the right tool of the trade !


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