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To Slay a Dragon

Taws the night before Christmas and all through the house, my fist went flying and so did my big mouth ! Yeah that's how X-mas Eve went down one year. My mom always hosts Christmas eve and before all the family and friends made their way over for the festivities I was highly anticipating my wife who I was just dating at the time to show up early with my gift .

I was so stoked that Id being playing Dragons Lair for the Sega CD in my very own house. I can remember walking into the arcade and seeing Dragons Lair for the first time. I thought to myself “games will never look better then this”. Little did I know it was a gimmick. I was ready for some serious gaming.

Boy was I friggin wrong. This game was an awful port of the arcade game. Not only did it look like crap,it played that way as well. I got so pissed off just trying to cross the the damn draw bridge right in the beginning of the game. The controls were so bad that for an hour I couldn't get in the castle . Id either miss the jump or get caught by the tentacles that would grab you out of the mote.

I became so enraged that I punched the door off my entertainment center and broke it over my knee (cheap press board) all while shouting ‘F’ bombs during the jolliest of holidays. My wife just sat there and looked at me like I was some crazed lunatic or something. My mother came in yelling “what's going on in here”. I was like” this F**king game SUCKS” !

Well after getting some cool fresh December air along with a smoke, I calmed down and shut the game down for the night and enjoyed some fine company with friends and family. Years later I'm still trying to slay that dragon thanks to my buddy SUPERGHOST who was nice enough to send me a copy of the game on HD-DVD. Needless to say the controls are a bit better, just a bit !


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