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Sega Rally Championship

Hello all, this is my first post as a contributors to Text Adventure and before I get to the topic of my post I will provide some background about myself. I've been gaming for over 20 years starting with the Commodore 64 through to most recently the Xbox 360 with the Genesis, SNES, Saturn, Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox in between. Oh yeah, and I'm also Superghost's younger brother. I'll play pretty much any genre with my preference of late being RPG's and FPS's. My blogging has been pretty sporadic over the last couple of years, but I'm hoping with this blog and with my buddies TormentX and Superghost we can put together something fun and that we enjoy doing.

Now to my topic. Sega Rally Championship (which is a port of AM2's arcade title of the same name) was one of the first games on the Saturn that I played to death and it also started by love of racing video games, particularly rally games.

Even though there was only a handful of tracks, I kept coming back, time trail after time trail, trying to eek out every last second by getting the perfect power slide around every corner. Looking back Sega Rally's gameplay still holds up, but my tastes over time have changed with my racing preferences leaning more to the sim side (i.e. Forza Motorsport).

My interest in racing games has somewhat lessened over the past few years, but I'm still looking forward to Forza 3 and possibly DIRT 2 (and possible Code Masters F1 title) to reignite my love of racing games


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Ive said before and Ill say it again. Sega Rally is the reason Im the gamer I am today !

Shu vs TX for the championship! EBay some NetLinks!

Bring it

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