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Nintendo DSi


I thought that the actual post I was going to write today would be about the Nintendo DS Lite (the now discontinued Onyx/Black colour) that I just received for my birthday (which is tomorrow).  About now I would have just unboxed it and start charging it up so I could play the new crop of DS games I have been stockpiling.  Stop the presses!!!

Today Nintendo announced the day and date for the arrival of the third iteration of the DS, the DSi.  So, instead of cracking open my newly purchased DS, it is back to the store with that so I can get my brand-spankin' new DSi on its launch day of April 5, 2009!  That is not that many weeks away.  The price isn't that bad either, it will be coming in at $169!

So I am going to hold off on my DSi Text Adventures for the time being, but come April I will be unboxing and telling all of you about my new DSi.  Once I get my copy of Phantasy Star 0 the circle will be complete.

Nintendo DSi and DSiWare – Official Web site


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