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Code of Masters


It just dawned on me that one of my favorite developers in the video game industry happens to be Codemasters. It all started with my love for racing games brought on from Sega Rally on the Sega Saturn. From there I was always looking for something for equal or greater value when it came to the racing genre.

With the Sega Saturn short lived and Sega Rally 2 on the Dreamcast being a disappointment I had to turn elsewhere. That's where Codemasters Colin McRae Rally came to the rescue. Not only was it just as good as S.R. but it was a step up in everyway. Being more of true sim then an arcade racer added a whole new level of skill that needed to be learned to play the game. Needless to say it was a great series.

From there the Colin McRae became known as DiRT and is by far the best Rally game to date. Codemasters has also fulfilled my need for speed with the incredible arcade/sim racer GRID. And just last year Codemaster caught me off guard with Overlord.

I'm looking forward to these sequels DiRT 2 (September 09) and Overlord 2(June 09) . Then there is a new IP FUEL (May 09)….. being called the off road version of Burnouts Paradise City due to its overwhelming size and scale of open world racing. Finally there's Operation Flashpoint:Dragon Rising coming this summer. Known for being different every time you play. OF:DR looks to have that old school Ghost Recon tactical style of gameplay set in highly detailed environments.

Somewhere in there is a F1 Racing game hiding, but no word on when we’ll see that one. I think for now though Codemasters has plenty for me to choose from over the next year.


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I'm hoping at E3 they will have a release date for F1.

I remember a game that was I believe Micro Mchines on the NES that was a racing game that ttok place on the table top that took place in a minuture table-top world of goodies. Can you keep up?

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