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Say Cheese ?



So what did you think of the Microsoft press conference at this years E3 ? Not to shabby eh? We Finally saw the light of day for Alan Wake and yes Facebook is coming to the 360.  While Microsoft impressed with a new Halo and 9 other exclusive game to look forward to, I still cant get over the fact that they are still trying so hard to be the Wii.

Now for me I felt that “Project Natal” was cool……BUT I dont wanna play games with a camera or waggle controller for that matter. I wanna sit on my butt and enjoy the skill that's needed to pick up a remote with over 10 buttons on it. I hope this isn't the “Future” of gaming.

While the camera itself impressed (especially with “Milo”) I just think its an add-on and maybe to late to capture the crowed that's used to playing games that really aren't any good all while waggling  a remote around. Now don't get me wrong I will buy this product due to my nature of buying just about everything MS has to offer, but that's me. What about that target audience Microsoft is trying to reach…..?  When they already own another system will the consumer  want to run out  and buy another console with an add-on that will probably cost them more?

On top of that this same consumer are the ones who really aren't gamers. They are moms and grandparents, they are aunts and uncles who thought that  the Wii was neat and affordable. They are people who buy the Wii for themselves and for the younger kids in the family and play the game 2 to 3 times a month at the most (this statement is only from personal observations).

Yes the kiddies are playing their Wii more often and enjoying “some” good games with smooth motion controls. Others just get caught up in a name on the box that draws them into buy 3rd party garbage.

Enough of my Wii bash , but really I was promoting the Wii. They have that consumer that Sony and Microsoft are trying to capture. Nintendo came up with the multi million dollar seller and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon.

That's why I feel as cool as “Project Natal” is, it just maybe to late for Microsoft and the Xbox 360 to pull in that crowd. I haven't watched Sony’s press conference yet but I’m willing to bet they stuck to what they know and thats games.

I think If Microsoft keeps trying to play catch with the Wii they might get burned by the PS3 ! The Natal camera tech is impressive like I said. I just think its to late for the consumer to buy into now or maybe tad bit to early thinking they should have given this time to develop more for  the next generation console war in 2012.

Update: I just read up on Sony’s motion controller, now they are both chasing a dream !


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I think Microsoft's Natal will do well. Motion stuff will never replace the standard controller we all love because it just won't work with games like Gears or Halo or Final Fantasy but I love the other things you can do with it, i.e. flipping through the dash by hand.

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