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For over 20 years I've been holding on to my original Atari 5200 “Advanced Video Entertainment System” with the hopes that one day I would play it again. It was old but in great shape and I had a library over 15 old school games collecting dust. The only two controllers I had were in parts due to the fact that they took a beating over the years and I needed to do my own repairs.

Well about 3 years ago for Christmas my wonderful wife Teresa bought 2 refurbished controllers and a new power pack to fire up the old system. Great ! The only thing I needed was the old TV/Game switch box to make it all work now.

Well time went by and all I had to do was go online and find one, something not hard to do. Well 3 years later I was still without that switch box. Now my wife being the Ebay guru that she is spends a lot of weekend mornings at garage sales looking for that diamond in the rough. Of course some junk comes home with the kids a lot, but its pennies on the dollar compared to a new toy they would use for a day or two and forget about after that.

That being said I get some stuff brought home for me as well. Over time my wife has brought home boxes of video game stuff like old NES’s, Atari 2600’s and Genesis systems with a bunch of games and random parts. I usually hook them up for a day or two and then they end up on Ebay.

Well this past week was the jackpot ! She again brought home a bargain box deal for $5.00 that contained 2 NES's and 2600 systems with games and etc….. So after digging threw I found this TV/ Game switch box from RadioShack . I was like this it this is the one that will work with my 5200 !.

Sure enough I hooked it all up and it worked. Before I knew it I was playing Pac Man, Pole Position, Jungle Hunt, Kangaroo and many more. Now I don't see myself playing this every day, but the fact that after 20 years its 2nd system I ever owned and it still works to this day makes it all worth having. Now that's what I call old school !


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Holy smokes, that is so cool! I could never get my old Ataris to work!

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