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Things to do while Xbox Live is Down


Don't forget Tuesday Xbox Live will be down for maintenance so here are a few ways to keep you busy.


TAG001a 1. Read a book, may it would be a great time to start the Walking Dead if you haven't already.

2. Watch those show piled up on your DVR. How many Family Guys can you record before you start watching them again ?

3. You could spend some time with a loved one or the family.

4. You could use your (If you have one) Playstation 3, Wii or DSi for some online gaming….Nah you'd still be alone.

5. You could get some sleep and go to bed early.

6. You could chat on your favorite ‘IM’ or Skype with you friends.

All that or you can just do what it is you love to do. Pop in one of your favorite Xbox titles and enjoy a nice quiet night of some one on one time with you and your 360 !


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