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replayANSWER: Yes: For me, the reasons for replaying games tends to be for three reasons, 1. The game offers a compelling reason to replay the story (ex. Mass Effect and Fallout 3, which provide the player multiple choices as they progress through the game), 2. The game has an upcoming sequel and I want to refresh myself with the narrative again (ex. Gears of War and the Halo series) and 3. The game was fantastic and I want to experience it again (ex. also see Mass Effect).

I can understand people wanting to move on to the next big thing, but some games are just worth repeating, however I think I’m probably in the minority amongst gamers.

Text Adventure readers, do you replay games?

- Schu

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Well here it goes. NO I don't play games over because of one reason. No matter what moral choice's you can make, or what character you are or paths you take, your still playing the same meat and potato of the game. Its the same 90% of the play through or even more. Ive tried to play games more than once I just get bored knowing that Ive one this all before no matter how good the game is. Ill play a games campaign over if its coop online with a buddy ala Gears of War, Halo or Resident Evil. Other then that the only game I ever completed twice 100% was COD4 I had to do it on Veteran level.

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