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GameBooks: Silent Hill & Dead Space

Sometime you just can't play video games all the time.  So instead it is good to take time and read stories based or supplementing video games.  Last weekend I ordered a couple of books online, graphic novels to be more specific.  Today I received them,here is what I got:


Silent Hill Omnibus: This book is a collection of several comic book stories set in the Silent Hill universe to the tune of 400 pages.  This collection includes Silent Hill: Dying Inside, Silent Hill: Three Bloody Tales, and  Silent Hill: Dead/Alive, all written by novelist Scott Ciencin and featuring art by Ben Templesmith.  Since they announced Silent Hill: Shattered Memories I have been really inspired to complete my Silent Hill game collection and have since brought Silent Hill and Silent Hill 3 back into my collection joining SH2 and 4.  When I saw this in the book store recently I thought it would be a good way to build up my Silent Hill passion.  I will let you know if it any good.


Dead Space:  Another game I have been waiting to play for some time.  And since I have heard nothing but great things about I wanted to jump into the Dead Space universe with both feet.  So in the last few months I have purchased the movie, the game, and finally the graphic novel.  Apparently the game designers have made the story a trilogy with each medium supplying a chapter.  I plan to put them all together and see if they fit.  Again I will let you know how this trilogy turns out.

IDW Publishing: Silent Hill


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I would like to to pick the Dead Space book as well as the Halo: Uprising graphic novel. Some of the expanded universe stuff you can get for games now is pretty sweet.

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