6:53 PM

85 hours….

..is how long it took me to complete Persona 3, which as of now is probably in my top 5 RPG’s of all time.

I won’t go into much detail about the game, but I’ll just say even though it shares a lot of similarities with other JRPG’s it still felt fresh (fresh to me anyways since it actually came out several years ago!) primarily due to the setting and story.


Completing the main story is not the end however, Persona 3:FES comes with an additional chapter, which contains another 30+ hours of gameplay, which I’m going to jump right into, and after that Persona 4.

- Schu

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Wow wow wow 85 hours?!

85 hours?!?!?! That's pretty crazy. I spent 40 hours on GTAIV and I thought that was a long time. Must be a good game if it can keep your attention for that long.

And I thought you were just hanging out in NY the whole time.

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