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Get off my Lawn !




Its a beautiful sunny day. The grass is green, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. But then in typical fashion when it comes to video games it all goes wrong. Your lovely day is ruined. What happens when your front lawn becomes overrun by Zombies ? What are you going to do ? Nothing. That's right Nothing !

Your lawn takes so much more pride in its self than your you ever could dream of and is ready to fight back in Plants vs. Zombies. Your front Lawn is hardcore From the Sun Flowers right down to those measly little mushrooms that seem to pop up from time to time.

I know I may be a little late to the party here with this one, but I just downloaded a demo yesterday and loved it. The game is what I would describe as a strategy defense game with mini games. You use your sun flowers to collect sun witch gives the energy you need to grow more plants to defend your lawn.

Zombatar You have “pea” shooter turrets, walnuts that acts as a blockade defense and cherries that bomb multiple zombies at once (get it cherry bombs). Every level you unlock new weapons or defense seeds to grow in your garden. Once you have a full arsenal you can only choose to have a certain number of weapons to bring to the party so choose wisely . Every few levels or so the game throws some faster paced mini games at you to keeps things fresh. Brilliant I say !

This game is so much fun and so addictive that I'm going to delete the demo I downloaded yesterday and find a new one to download now (timed demo). I suggest checking the Link below and downloading the trail version yourself. Also checkout the video ICandee posted at her blog , its priceless. If this game isn't announced for the the 360 or at least iPhone by the time E3 comes, this my very well be the first ever PC purchase I make.

Pop Cap Games: Plants vs. Zombies


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My fingers are so crossed that this comes to the Live Arcade!!!

You could buy it on your PC. For the cost, even if it came out on XBLA it would not be tht big a deal. What is this with you and a PC game anyway? ;)

I too hope it comes out on XBLA. I love whacky games. :)

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