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E3: What's Old is New Again


custom_1234979314333_360briefing We are just a little over two weeks away from this years new and improved E3 show. The past two years saw a more toned down quiet E3 without all the glitz and glamour. It was down to business for the gaming industry.

Instead of the loud music, lights and booth babes. It was all scheduled meeting for the press and media. E3 now looks to return to its somewhat  former self with publisher looking to bring back the Hollywood style show.

Now matter what E3 looked like on the inside it was always about the the Big 3 and the press conferences that delivered the news we waited all year for. Whether its once again Microsoft trying to implement motion control to the 360, The “New” PSP Go, or a Wii price drop, rumors are a big part of the weeks leading up to the show.

I know myself I don't need to see “motion” in my 360.  I think Lips and We’re in the Movies should have proven to MS to leave that market to Nintendo. Being a 360 Fanboy some of the things Id like to see would be….

A release date and gameplay footage of Alan Wake.

Peter Jacksons Halo Project.

New Exclusive titles.

New Live features like a Facebook feature or some sort of blogging option.

New Face plates !

I could go on forever, but Id like to keep the discussion open for the rest of you. What are you looking forward to at this years E3 from the Big 3 ?


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Microsoft has had some big E3's in the past...I have a feling this may be the biggest!

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