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I'm Gonna Knock You Out !


561-2 Never has it been a better time to be a fan of the fighting genre. With in past year we’ve seen games such as Soul Calibur 4, Mortal Kombat vs DC, WWF Legends of Wrestling and Street Fighter 4. We can still look forward to Marvel vs Capcom, Tekken 6 and King of Fighter XII when it comes to traditional fighting games.

In just the past few years the UFC has become more popular world wide. Though its been around for about 10 years its just now being more accepted as a true sport and not a “blood sport”. The UFC is a combination of different fighting styles, such as boxing, wrestling, jujitsu and Karate for short MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and makes for some exciting fights.

Enter UFC 2009 Undisputed. The game ships this week and is already getting great reviews. In the past there has been a couple of UFC games, but they were just button mashers and not very fun to play. UFC 2009 has already won over the fans with a demo that released just over a month ago.

The demo allowed fans to hop right in the Octagon and get a feel for the game. With a deep learning curve, the demo was also equipped with a hefty tutorial to teach you how to throw more then just punch and kicks.  UFC 2009 Undisputed is going to be BIG!


  The most anticipated fighter of the year has to be Fight Night Round 4. When this series debuted on Next gen consoles it was highly accepted by fans and reviewers alike. Heck it even caused a bit of change in how people score their reviews after one publication gave it a “10”.

With FN RD 3 the game was a great port of FN RD 2 (last gen) with a major jump in graphics. The Only issue was the solid but slower 30 fps. FN RD 4 looks to lock in 60 fps and have collision detection like no other game has ever seen. With the addition of Iron Mike Tyson  in his prime you cant tell me your not looking forward to knocking someone's A** out !

So it doesn't matter in you like 2D or 3D, punching, kicking or wrestling The past year has had plenty of options for your butt kicking style. I love my fighting games and I look forward to seeing you in the ring, octagon, squared circle, arena …..which ever !


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I'm definitely looking forward to giving UFC a try. I thought the demo was fantastic. It really seems as though they have captured the feel of an MMA fight.


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