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Xtra Points: Prologues and Epilogues


A Taste of Things to Come
Built a combo weapon. Necessity is the father of invention.

Gamerscore = 10    Acquired 31/8/2010

Purchased my prologue/game trial for Dead Rising 2 yesterday which is aptly subtitled Case 0.  Because of my schedule I literally had seconds to play, but in that time I was able to snag the above achievement.  I look forward to diving into the game tonight and see what all the fuss is about.  Should help me decide if Dead Rising 2 is still a must play this fall amongst a sea of Triple-A heavy hitters.

MinervasDen With BioShock fresh on my mind with the exciting announcement of BioShock Infinite I have recently had a hankering to return to my BioShock games.  With the release of the BioShock 2 DLC, Minerva’s Den, i can have my wish!  Once I get my fill of Dead Rising Case 0 I will once again return to BioShock 2 for some more Big-Daddy action.

cowboystadium1 I thought this was kind of neat.  The impressive Cowboy Stadium will be one of the available venues in the upcoming EA Sports MMA title.  I would like to see an event here in real life someday.


Play 6 Mutations.

Gamerscore = 30    Acquired 30/8/2010

Nailed the MUTANT OVERLORD achievement.  Now awaiting the next round of L4D/L4D2 DLC.

Dead Rising 2 Offical Site


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