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Review: EA Active




good_thumb[6] So can you remember a while back I mentioned that I was going to give the Wii Fit a spin and report back on it ? Well long story short it didn't amount to anything. In brief though the Wii fit has some good to it when it comes to physical fitness , but it is truly split down the middle when it comes to being a game or a serious trainer.

Today I opened up EA Active and started day one of the 30 day challenge. Now I'm not going to promise you that I'm going to complete my 30 day challenge in well….30 days. Most of you that know me know that I workout on a regular basis so to commit to this for the full 30 days will be hard , but ill do my best.

What I can tell you is if you do buy this and you do commit to the 30 day challenge yourself along with a sensible diet you will see results ! I really didn't know what I was getting myself into when I started this today. Like any other game out there you have your difficulty level to choose from and I chose the hard intensity level. Well I can say I was put to the test.

Now I'm no Greek God or anything but I'm also no stranger to working out over the years and this game kicked my butt today. I did everything from walking, running and boxing to inline skating and squats. That was just some of my workout on day one with more to come. I worked out for 32 minuets and burned 260 calories ! Folks I was trenched in sweat when I was done. I was planning on using my stability fitness ball afterwards but was way to tired.

You can choose from the 30 day challenge or set your own customizable workout and set it at the skill level that's right for you. Plus you can keep track of it all in a journal as well as your nutritional intake all in game . Sounds great !

I think for beginners and even the moderate workout enthusiast EA Active is a great home personal trainer. For those of you that feel your a bit advanced well you can step it up a bit more just by going faster or being more intense in your actions. I think at some point though everyone would need to go out and buy a new resistance band.  You use this for doing curls, triceps kickbacks, bent over rows and more. Its either going to break or your just going to out grow it and need more resistance for more weight.

Over all I think EA Active is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and intense workout at home. I give it a Text Adventures Big Thumbs Up ! I'm looking forward to the follow up this fall and I cant wait to try the controller free version on the Xbox 360 Natal.


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I will have to wait for Natal for my video game workout program. This game has tempted me to buy a Wii though.

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