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Multiplayer Only ?



So would you pay 60 bucks for a multiplayer only game these days? I think most people would say no including myself. But….what about 15 or 20 dollars, sounds like a sweeter deal right. Even better all you need to do is download the game. No need to run out and buy a retail copy.

Next week Battlefield 1943 will be hitting the XBLA and PSN for just $15.00 or 1200 MS points. Battlefield gives players the opportunity to control land and air vehicles as well as shoot it out on the ground with a complete arsenal of weapons on 4 huge maps.  So now you can have all the fun of a multiplayer mode without the full game price tag.

I think this a great start to a new trend we will be seeing over the years. In fact I think some games could have benefited this way instead of being full retail games.  Games like Quake Wars: Enemy Territories and Shadow Run which were basically multiplayer only games with some offline BOT matches could have done much better as digital distribution content at a discounted price instead of a full retail price tag.  Unfortunately neither of the games faired to well.

Sony even tested the waters early with its multiplayer heavy game WARHAWK. The game was available in both retail and digital form. While you can download it cheaper from the PSN, you were given a packed in headset if you purchased it from retail. And lets not forget that the PC has been doing games like this for awhile now, think Counter Strike.

The trend looks to continue with the highly anticipated return of Quake Arena III now know as Quake Arena Arcade. Still no date and price on this game but just knowing you can purchase it for multiplayer purposes only at the right price is a beautiful thing.

Even games like World War and CellFactor: Psychokinetic Wars on XBLA offer the multiplayer game only at a budget price. So while its a time to pinch pennies its not a bad time to be a online gamer. Personally Id like to see the multiplayer mode from Return to Castle Wolfenstien come out on XBLA. It would save me same cash next month. Beach Invasion anyone ?


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I'll see you on the Battlefield!

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